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Occupational product info | fieldSENSE

fieldSENSE Occupational product summary

    fieldSENSE Occupational introduces a cost-effective solution for mobile network operators and professionals searching for a way to ensure safety for all personnel working in the vicinity of base station antennas.

    Here's a quick feature summary:

  • Affordable & competitively priced.View pricing info.
  • Indicates RF field strength using bright LED's
  • Pinpoint and monitor active and idle antennas.
  • Loud alarm will warn in case of EMF overexposure danger.
  • Uncomplicated, robust and reliable.
  • Calibrated to ICNIRP Occupational reference levels.

Using the fieldSENSE Occupational

"Measure mode"

When approaching a base station site, the RF technician may use fieldSENSE Occupational in "measure" mode to ensure that he/she is not overexposed.

In "Measure" mode the field strength is measured continuously. A level indicator bar provides visual feedback of the exposure levels as the instrument is moved around.

The user can pinpoint sources of RF radiation and confirm that specific base station sectors have been shut down, or are transmitting reduced power levels so that can it be considered safe to approach and complete a required task.

"Monitor mode"

After confirming that relevant sectors have been powered down, fieldSENSE Occupational can be switched to 'monitor' mode and mounted in a suitable position and orientation.

fieldSENSE continuously monitors the RF radiation levels and will alert the worker in the case of significant exposure changes. The worker is alerted by both an audio alarm and a visual alarm on the level indicator bar.

Technical information

International Exposure Limits

The unit is calibrated to the ICNIRP Occupational reference levels. Please visit http://www.icnirp.org/cms/upload/publications/ICNIRPemfgdl.pdf for more information about ICNIRP standards.

Frequency bands

The operational frequency range is limited to bands commonly used for mobile telecommunications.

Omni-directional, linear polarisation

lightsThe fieldSENSE device should be held upright when being used to locate sources of EMF radiation. This will ensure that the omnidirectional, vertically polarised field probe will provide the user with a conservative measurement of the exposure at that position, also for cross-polarized BTS antennas. In monitor mode, the fieldSENSE should also mounted vertically to ensure correct operation.

User interface and operation

single buttonA single button toggles between user modes and power-on/off. The display and processing of measured data is limited to that which is required to make informed on-site decisions and take the necessary precautions.

rubbery outer sleeveThe device features a durable design intended for everyday use, and is compact enough to fit easily into the pocket of the user. The rubbery outer sleeve offers improved grip and protects the fieldSENSE against mechanical shock and impact.

lanyardA lanyard can be used to secure the fieldSENSE around the wrist of the user and thus minimise the risk of dropping the device. A standard tripod socket at the bottom can be used to mount the fieldSENSE on a tripod when used in monitor mode.

For more technical information please download the fieldSENSE datasheet here.