fieldSENSE is a personal RF field strength monitor used to ensure RF safety near cellular base station antennas.

Occupational usage

Placing EMF Safety in the hands of RF Workers at base station sites.

    The awareness and management of EMF exposure is an increasingly critical factor that must be considered by network operators and professionals involved in on-site operations at BTS antenna sites.

    fieldSENSE Occupational is a personal RF monitor which enables technical personnel to avoid areas where they would be in danger of RF overexposure.

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Public usage

Empowering property owners in preventing accidental EMF overexposure.

    fieldSENSE Public is a personal RF monitor designed specifically to protect non-RF workers from accidental RF overexposure.

    Property owners hosting BTS sites can now ensure that contractors like window washers, painters and maintenance staff remain in a safe RF environment.

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